3 comments on “Christmas.com

  1. Love this story! Hope you have a good Christmas whatever your plans may be. Don’t forget to check messenger every now and again as I have sent a couple of messages recently. Lots of love from us all, Sis 😘

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  2. Geoff – this is absolutely brilliant!!!! I couldn’t stop chuckling and by the end I was laughing so much I nearly fell of my chair. Stunningly witty and well-written. Please tell me you’re posting this on LinkedIn – I just have to share this with everyone! And I hope you are keeping really well and are happy in life, love and work. Many Christmas blessing to you and yours! love Ali xx

    • Hi Ali… so glad you liked it. Thanks for you kind remarks. I hadn’t thought of posting it on LinkedIn but I’ll do that now if I can work out how!

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