5 comments on “Monkey Traps

  1. Geoff- I’m grateful for your heartfelt sharing. I support you in this worthy labor! I’ve been on such a journey of self-confrontation and increasingly happy lightness for almost 10 years. And there is always more. Just this week, I recycled every scrap of paper I had held on to thinking “if only”, “someday I’ll…”, etc. I realized how some of them symbolized imagined failures (that I wanted to recall??). Others were like old dried up skins that i just forgot to compost. Today I notice how much embodied baggage I shed along with the material objects. I’m liberating myself to be the gift to the world that the universe designed me to be. Love ya!

    • Nika – thanks for your encouragement. I very much like your description of old papers like dried up old skins. May 2013 be a year of happy lightness for us both. Much love. Geoff

  2. Thanks Geoff for reminder about Monkey Traps. It’s very easy to forget the traps we are in as they can be so subtle and seductive. Plus we are very good at reasoning the things we are addicted to and trapped in. I am currently reading Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chodrun and in many ways it is a reminder of life’s traps.

    • Hi Cathryn – yes exactly… it’s telling the difference between what serves us and what are just addictions! Thanks for your comment. Geoff

  3. Bravo, Geoff. Last year was a year of big changes including reaching 60 and becoming an orphan. I feel now I have an opportunity to lay ghosts to rest and let go of old patterns and possessions. I have already given away books I no longer read but will now start on all those bits of writing I have hoarded in notebooks and files, thinking that “one day” they may provide the inspiration for a work of genius, and either start on it or get rid of them. Time to grow up methinks!

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