5 comments on “A Pair of Hockneys

  1. Read your delightful story – made me laugh especially given I have a very good idea which boutique you’re writing about! Congrats on not only finding the treasure you sought for years – but for also dispelling the size myth with Paul Harnden’s help. You look gorgeous and wear them in good health!

  2. I do love them, more than Hockney’s paintings I have to say. Now Lucian Freud – there’s a painter, but maybe his trousers aren’t up to scratch.

  3. I know those trousers!!!! I am delighted to read the story of how they came to you Geoff but still reeling from reading that you could love them more than H’s paintings. That is a level of trouser love that I am yet to experience.

  4. Wonderful to laugh out loud, and more than once. I’d missed this one, somehow, and glad I discovered my oversight. Great fun. I want a hi-res picture of these trousers to see what the fuss is about. GG

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