4 comments on “The Spaces He Left Behind

  1. Very moving Geoff. I believe your Dad came to show you that that part of you had to “crash” too. I’m really touched by your story and pleased you took the road you did. Those of us who are familiar with your work are grateful.

  2. Thank you Michael, I’m sure you are right that I had to “crash” before I could fimd my own path. You are very kind about my work; I hope you are prospering and htat we might get together when I come up to Findhorn for the New Story Summit in September. Perhaps we can collaborate somehow?

  3. Gripping and fascinating from start to finish, Geoff. Extraordinary experience. Something in you knew, knew what was ahead of you and moved to be sure it had the space to be realized. We live in a field of great mystery and forces we are scarcely aware of, until they make themselves known to us on occasion though experiences like your dream. Thank you for continuing to write for us. Garth

  4. Hi Garth. It was truly a turning point in my life, a waking up to myself and to the yearning of the soul to make a meaningful life. Thank you for continuing to read the strange variety of writings that make their way into this blog. Much love. Geoff

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