4 comments on “Wild Margins

  1. With tears in my eyes, I wish you love and safe travels on the next part of your adventure.
    I only knew you briefly but you were an inspiration to me as a woman and as someone eager to affect change in this world. May your spirit ride high dear Chris.

    Love to you and all the family Geoff x

  2. This photo beautifully reflects Chris and what is meant here. When I think of her, so often you come to my mind as her soul partner.
    May love, patience, wisdom and light continue to be with Chris and you.
    With love

  3. As I sit here surrounded by photos of this wonderful daughter smiling at me from all directions, my heart fills with sadness at the thought of her sister Helen and myself watching her slip away from us. There must be a “better place” somewhere where she is now sharing her incomparable personality with all the other good people that have left us.

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