3 comments on “Meanwhile

  1. The grief doesn’t abate – dear Chris, know how much you are truly missed. Proud to have been your “Mummo” xxxxxx

  2. Dear Geoff this is beautiful and thoughtful and hopeful and everything we need it to be when we have lost those we love so much. Finding a way through the grief is a process and both poems reflect that. Auden’s ultimately is so powerful in helping to find meaning and hope. Recognition that we are all part of the ebb and flow of life – that we are part of the family of the things. Take care of your heart xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing, Geoff. Here’a part of a poem by R.S Thomas:

    Later I was alone in my room
    reading and, the door closed,
    she was there, speechlessly inquiring:
    Was all well? It was true
    what the book said in answer
    to the world’s question as to where
    at death does the soul go:
    “There is no need under a pillarless
    heaven for it to go anywhere.’


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