4 comments on “Juicy Edge

  1. Hi Geoff, I only had a brief encounter with Chris during a day of meetings at Crossfields. Excitedly saying to my colleagues on the train home that I thought we would all do some creative work together. Alas, not the case. Thank you for sharing this post. I am both moved and quietly renewed in play and the goings on of our connectedness. I am glad to have glimpsed Chris’ essence. Thank you. Rebekah

    • Thank you for your comment Rebekah. It is extraordinary to learn just how many people’s lives Chris touched. Geoff

  2. I read the Farewell to a great soul in the Winter Newsletter of the School of Storytelling and via FB (which I rarely visit) I found your blog. The thought of Chris not being among us really shocked and frightened me – and I am grateful for your sharing. I have only known Chris from brief encounters but she was a delight to see and that remarkable scene during one of Vivian’s courses she gave, about a man walking by the river and a great silver fish tumbling happily in the current, will always stay with me in its sheer visual and emotional power.
    Through your words and thoughts her soul resonates and you being with her this way gives her back some of the palpable validity of a living being among the living. With those I loved and lost over the years I haven’t lost connection; sometimes they visit me in a dream, sometimes in my thoughts and they leave their comments among them, sometimes I feel one of them standing behind me and looking over my left shoulder (they all seem to be taller than they physically were) and I hear their voice among my own thoughts, albeit not with my ears. It is always an uplifting experience. Not the Real Thing, of course not, but brief visits and greetings and responses get through from beyond the hedge at the end of the garden, as an affirmation, that we, too, are remembered and not forgotten.
    The fact that a few minutes ago as I was contemplating a response to your post I just randomly and without thinking clicked onto an older post of yours and it turned out to be „Staring at the Sun” from 25th of may 2012, was poignant and may have been a word from Chris somehow, which I find comforting. As Nasrudin says: „I say and it is no lie, that I never, never die.” Greetings from Livia

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