3 comments on “Being Mortal

  1. Geoff, Elizabeth and I were very moved to listen to Gawande’s lectures together at a time when we knew Chris was in the final stages of this life. She was clearly fortunate to have such an open minded oncologist, and as they say, fortune favours the brave. Love to you. Px

  2. Hello Geoff… Just a short note to say thank you for all your writing. I read it every week. Like Peter, I’m struck by how lucky Chris was in her doctor, Samir Guglani. I followed the link you offered to his writing and really liked it. It seems that such professionals are precious and rare… at least, they’re not ‘seen’. It’s troubling. I’m reminded of friends and family whose experience of the medical profession as they faced their final months and days was not so fortunate.

    Today I found this book by artist, Jean Pierre Weill – “The Well of Being”. The review of it on Brain Pickings this past weekend has caused a stir on Amazon. I don’t know why, exactly, but perhaps because of the image you showed from Chris’s notebook, I’m prompted to send this link to you.

    The author describes his book as “an illustrated inquiry into the pursuit of happiness, and what it means to be radically alive in our daily moments. This adult picture book takes its reader on a quest for well-being and self-acceptance, following the story of a wondering everyman…” When I saw the little film, I thought of Chris.

    Take good care…. P

  3. Hi Paula… thank you for your comment and the link to this film. Weill’s book looks amazing. If and when it becomes available again, I’ll certainly get a copy. I’m both humbled and reassured that it was the product of 3 year’s work. Makes me want to challenge myself to go deeper. Much love to you… Geoff

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