5 comments on “Falling

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your writing brings back many of my own memories of having to go through the same process.

  2. Thank you Geoff for this beautiful posting – laughter and tears – I can almost feel Chris enjoying that story.

  3. Geoff… I’m struck by several things. First, I’m struck by my ambivalence about the image. It is both beautiful and morbid. Those large black ‘eye holes’… make me feel uncomfortable… reminding me of my own mortality perhaps, and the unknown beyond the felt ‘reality’ of the physical body. It is deathlike in a very real sense. It takes me on. It is really challenging. And yet it image is, as you say, so feminine and attractive in another way.

    I’m struck by the story, which is almost joke-like in its punch line. I love it.

    And perhaps most of all, I’m struck by the fact that (perhaps for the first time in your posts) I can hear Chris’s voice, and I can really see her. I can absolutely imagine her, twinkly-eyed, waiting for you to realise something that she already knows…

  4. Geoff ….yet again I find apart of myself in your story telling,I lost my darling ,beautiful,husband,friend,the other half of myself three years ago this month,but I see him Geoff every day ,I see his eyes ,but most of all he is in my heart ,and this gives me now great strength ,and to move forward..very slowly one day at a time .

    I do admire your writing ,your story telling ,and your wife Chris..,,,Wonderful…..

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