3 comments on “Time bids be gone

  1. Oh, Geoff, my dear man, I am so sorry, yet not at all surprised. You honoured her so well. Now you are here and so are all your friends. There is still life work to be done, to be lived. Px

  2. Yes, dear Geoff, that sounds so right, just as it should be. Breathe deeply, sigh loudly Dx

    If it is possible to grieve with you, Geoff, that’s what I did every time I read your lines and especially last Monday and Tuesday when we were in Switzerland and could not be with you, we were thinking and feeling with you. The more so now, knowing that terrible empty place. We breathe with you and take it moment to moment and time is kind to us all. Barbara x

  3. Hello Geoff,

    It was so moving to find such a beautiful celebration of Chris’s amazing life.

    I found it inspirational, her energy was so alive, I am sure she will influence many people.

    You honoured her so beautifully.

    I have been doing a series of illustrated quotes recently, and I would like to send you one, as I think it might be interesting for you, but I do not know where to send it, so please give me your address.



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