One comment on “After Ithaka

  1. I loved this piece on Ulysses.
    But first of all I wanted to comment on the cheesemakers.
    I have a feeling that I met Yorgi when I was In Amari, he had a large number f goats, lived just up the hill towards the church. He was very hospitable and invited us in for breakfast one morning, he told us about his life as a coastguard at Rethymnon, and also about his ambitions with his farm.

    Back to Ulysses, a real study of homecoming. I think the real journey begins when you know there is no-one waiting at home for you. Then one must gather together all resources be they friends, skills whatever.
    I think travelling gives you a time to relive the past, to balance, to assess, to honour, to circumambulate every detail of the past one shared. All that one shared lives on because after all when you are very close to some-one you are changed, that is moved, influenced, and inspired in a thousand ways.

    After John died. 8 years ago I did not want to be at home very much. I travelled widely to friends in Italy, Germany and America. It was a time of looking back and looking forward, a sort of balancing act, not so easy. Gradually home became more appealing and I started to get involved with more music and artwork (Inanna and her descent into the Underworld was done around this time.) I realize now it was my story, – I had to go down into the underworld , lose so much and then eventually with much travail to slowly slowly begin to refind something meaningful.
    Spring comes, and new shoots appear.

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