One comment on “In the line of duty

  1. Oh you poor little thing! Although I am long haired and have a beautiful coat I have managed to avoid going to the G.R.O.O.M.E.R.S ever and actually mainly avoid getting brushed at all although sometimes she tricks me and I have to succumb to having parts of me brushed but never my rear end which as you will realise is totally sacred (in the most secular way) for a woman dog (I cant bring myself to say bitch.) Sometimes she uses his beard clippers on my front and paws because they think I get too hot in the summer. But oh dear, poor Captain, having your tail snipped. Terrible terrible and not in the French meaning. Anyway, I wish you a speedy recovery and I was so impressed with your attitude towards Hares. They are very special people you know, rabbits are ok of course in fact my cat sometimes brings one into the house for me to eat. Hasta la vista, old chap,
    love Freya xxx
    PS You will have a tale to tell. Hahahaha x

    PPS Why don’t you get him to contact my people so we could all get together and you could show me you chasing expertise and your paw tail. They could of course have a glass of wine or something to eat! They said their tellingbone number is 01452720934.

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