2 comments on “Ted Talk #1: How to be Happy

  1. Dear Ted, AKA Captain Midnight, I loved your first Ted-Talk. I am observing all your Rules for Happiness myself, helping my human pet to get along with fostering happiness inside and around. I also have a Special Weapon which dogs like me (7/8 Husky) possess: The Look. I might add The Look to your arsenal of Special Skills for Fostering Happiness. When my pet-human is all ruffled (you know how humans get ruffled, even though they sadly lack fur and I think that explains much of their vulnerability) and out of sorts, she might shout a command to “Come here” and that’s a good opportunity to give her The Look. The Look says: “You don’t expect me to listen to someone in THIS frame of mind?” – which immediately snaps her out of it, making her laugh (I am sometimes missing our ability to laugh, but I can grin with the sunniest of grins), and instantly revert to Calm and Composed Mode. Then I listen, after due consideration of her request. But I will not be commanded around! I recommend using The Look, in order to keep your vulnerable human balanced. Works every time! With a swishing wag from yours truly: Saskia

    • Dear Saskia, so good to hear from a fellow super-dog. I hadn’t considered The Look but see how useful it can be. I’ll start practising straight away! Sniffs and wag from Captain Midnight.

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