5 comments on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. Very moving Geoff and a fitting post for November, the season for telling stories of those who have gone before us, both Jim and Chris. Is this the last of Chris’ ashes to be buried or scattered I wonder or is there still more of her amazing presence to be given back to the earth?

    • Hi Sue, I’m planning on bringing my peregrination with Chris’s ashes to a close on 3 December (second anniversary of her death).

  2. That’s lovely Geoff – twas a good day and worth being together in spite of the perishing cold!! As already said – Rest in peace dearest Chris and dad Jim xxxx

  3. You have at long last brought the family together, may you now be able to have peace in you mind and relax in knowing that all is well.

    • Thank you but I can’t take credit for this. It was Joan’s idea and I guess that her instinctive wisdom as wife and mother knew just what was needed.

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