2 comments on “Solo

  1. This is really beautiful, and evocative, Geoff ………thank you!
    Reminds me of various Buddhist Retreats (at Cortijo Romero)……also of 2 experiences I had whilst sitting in the sand dunes at West Wittering….midsummer solstice….10pm sunset…..it had been a busy day, and the sand was chaotic with hundreds of footprints…..in the space of an hour, a sunset breeze had returned the sand to virgin rills and ripples, backlit by the horizontal glowing last sunrays, and my reluctant footsteps became the only tracks in the desert landscape………

    On another occasion there, surrounded by a semicircle of 60-odd old wooden sea-defences, it struck me that they were like ancestors…..excerpt below from a poem I wrote…..Sue Shorter

    Sixty-odd staves, stakes, knaves, posts, stumps,
    Ghostly tops of fences, sea defences
    Ancestors ….a benign crescent…..
    Echoes of a homesick Roman matron, coaxing lavender,
    Viking Valhalla, Pterodactyl Woman….
    Universal African Mother….
    Did a Tudor mascot pageboy bequeath
    Seagreen eyes, freckles,
    hair that goes wavy in the rain?
    Ancestors, past lives, who can say?
    They trod the path.
    We honour them today……

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