2 comments on “Triopetra

  1. It was me ! (No – very bad and inaccurate joke…..!!)
    Lovely and sensitive description….

    I`m always fascinated by those momentary / symbolic encounters … and how we may never know the other person`s memory of it…. perhaps she tells the story of that sensitive and trustworthy man who restored her faith in humankind…. Perhaps one day in the future you might bump into an old lady in a wheelchair who turns out to be her….

    I once (in 1972!) opened a door for a dark shape in a hurry, who turned out to be Rudolf Nureyev and, in a different way, had a magical 3 second “dance in a doorway” which I treasure …. (I believe I may even have inflicted the resulting poem on you…..!) The Universe sends these precious moments to those who are sensitive enough to appreciate and value them. Thank you for sharing yours….

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