6 comments on “Better late than never

  1. Thank you Geoff – I enjoyed reading. I hope one day you’ll write about why you went from English Literature to policing – which seems unusual.

  2. hello there. This seems to have cropped up on google now because he died this week. He was my father, and as far as I can remember from 59 years acquaintance, did not have a lisp. I sound a bit like him when I get acerbic like that. However the reason I wanted to make some sort of contact was that he was very frail for the last few years; if you got no reply that was why, and more my fault than his. I ‘ve ben trying to deal with his correspondence for some time.

    He would have read your letter and enjoyed it, even if it finished up in a heap of assorted papers on the floor. He always liked to feel he had given some sort of help to students, whether they carried on with History or became a copper. Incidentally you weren’t the guy who got hit on the head by a fence post pushed over in a demo at Greenham Common were you ? That’s the only ex-student who went into the police that I was aware of.

    • Dear Ned. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I am so sorry to hear that your father has died. He gave me more than he could ever have known and I’ve always had a soft spot for him. I regret not writing to him earlier but it’s good to know that he probably received my letter. Perhaps the “lisp” was a product of my imagination – I’m sure that I will have exaggerated (perhaps even invented) his mannerisms. I hope you can see the affection in which I hold his memory. It wasn’t me that got hit over the head (thank goodness) so he must have had at least one other student who became a policeman. Please accept my sincere condolences. Geoff Mead

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