3 comments on “Tellerman

  1. Love your blog, Geoff. Greetings. Arrived here via Peter Reason commenting on an EarthLines post, but I see we have Emerson in common – I was a long-term tutor on their summer Poetry OtherWise course, and know Ashley etc.

  2. PS reading your article on ‘Coming Home to Story’ I wanted to say that the intro to one of my early books, ‘Creative Novel Writing’, based on a course I teach called ‘Storymaking’, looks at the archetypal origins of storytelling in a way that is I think resonant with your own, though different in focus. I’ll check out your book.

    • Dear Roselle. Delighted that you like the blog. I’m not writing so many posts at the moment as I’m head down half way through writing another book at the moment and I only seem to have so much writing energy available. I’ll have a look at your book too – hope you enjoy mine. Warm regards. Geoff

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