3 comments on “Stardust

  1. Beautiful… and what an extraordinary path Chris was walking on that last part of this life’s journey. Your post reminds of the Five Realms model that Judith and Jutta are bringing forward in a new CSC training this year. Take a look at the diagram on this page – http://www.thecsc.net/training/category/realms/ – you’ll see that they call that cosmic self ‘Source’. Much love, Ali xx

  2. Geoff, I really do believe that the new discoveries and interpretations of cosmology can take those of us in the west beyond the stale old arguments about life after death. There is something so beautiful in the notion of ‘coming from and returning to something greater: a unity, a oneness, a universal whole”. And I think she was spot on in knowing that this had to be approached artfully and well as intellectually. Thank you for this lovely blog. Px

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