4 comments on “Captain Midnight

  1. Hello Ted, er Captain Midnite, Freya here. Quite identify with your blog. It is so difficult sometimes to deal with our humans. I am somewhat older than you and I think much slower except when there is food in the offing. Either stationary or on legs (There are alot of furry rat things here with big fluffy tails which i want to catch but they run up trees.) The other thing I discovered is that anything white might be food, especially what they call tissues. They can be delicious. Hey ho anyway my lot are quite nice to be with when they are on what they call ‘holiday’ except that they take me for very very long walks in the desert sun up mountains without so much as a stop and then expect me to drink water from his hat – yuk!- as many of the streams have dried up. Being a Shaman type dog I occasionally have epileptic fits and get very very hungry and they are kind to me and sometimes have wet stuff in their eyes. Yesterday we went to visit 2 people who are very into shamanism and earth magic but they dont like dog hair in their house so I had to sit on the balcony while they all talked rubbish. They really dont get it. But they enjoy their innocence I think. I expect you get it, being as how you are you and therefore special. It isnt for nothing that they called us ‘dog’ which of course is ‘god’ backwards…. but then humans are rather dense sometimes. Got to take them out for a walk now so hasta la vista and hope to hear from you again sometime. Freya x

  2. How beautiful Geoff… so well written in not only connecting with you, everything you are going through, Ted and yet, to be able to notice the writer in you. Look forward to seeing you very soon

    • Thank you Kavitha. I’m looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the group at Ashridge too. It will be so good to be in the same room!

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