4 comments on “The Guest House

  1. Hello Geoff,

    It has been a privilege to accompany you on your journey.
    You writing has a disarmingly honest quality. It touches the heart so deeply, and I felt so much for you struggling to find some kind of peace in all the turmoil of loss.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. when I merried, in 1999, I was not so young and I wanted to have a stable relation, as in Italy you must be married to have some minimum rights! even to decide about your man-woman in hospital…even to be informed by the hospital in case of car crash! (stupid country).
    my husband left me aftre six months, and I felt as I couldn’t live…I was ashamed of the very failure.
    I went to Mexico, and then to Israel. After 5 months my husband decided to return…but when he discovered we were expecting a baby…he went away again. He had in the same time a very young girl..18. when I met Chris in Florence I talked her about my story (in my poor English, of course) and she told me not to think about the past but to imagine something special for my future. I told her I wanted to study something on sustainability and human rights, so she suggested me the Asridge’s master…I knew, I know, I can’t afford it, but in that moment I realized I coud create a new model for my future. in 2011 I started a new accounting course and then a course of personnel management..in 2012 I met Francesco, during an interview (he war the boss) and three days later everything changed. this is why I can say Chris is my Angel and I will continue what she started..see you in UK and take care of our Angel!

  3. Geoff
    I have really appreciated and enjoyed your blog posts. I find solace in them. They are an oasis of honesty and meaning in a world that feels, as Chris said, like it is ‘at a time of astonishing loss’.
    I find your courage to fully live into the 5 weeks of retreat inspiring (as I found Chris to be an inspiration to me). Your discovery about the writer in you and how important this is made me happy when I read it just now and I want to celebrate that.
    You are not alone. None of us are but I agree with you that it really feels like we are a lot of the time. The Rumi poem really connects for me…”The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
    meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.” (It feels like the clown is at the heart of it) Your writing bridges a connection between him, that time and now as well as adding your own flavour. Thank you 🙂

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