4 comments on “Here it is

  1. Geoff – You introduced me to Raymond Carver’s poetry in a previous post. (Thank you, by the way.) And here’s another, which made me think of you.

    Thinking of you and of Chris on this day. Take care. Px

    ‘No Need’
    by Raymond Carver

    I see an empty place at the table.
    Whose? Who else’s? Who am I kidding?
    The boat’s waiting. No need for oars
    or a wind. I’ve left the key
    in the same place. You know where.
    Remember me and all we did together.
    Now, hold me tight. That’s it. Kiss me
    hard on the lips. There. Now
    let me go, my dearest. Let me go.
    We shall not meet again in this life,
    so kiss me goodbye now. Here, kiss me again.
    Now, my dearest, let me go.
    It’s time to be on the way.

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