One comment on “Love and Fear (Part 1)

  1. Quick thoughts from a newcomer to this (excellent!) blog (Jan 2017)

    JOY – even if we “don`t deserve it / it won`t last” (our universal, archetypal fears…) ….we can try 3 “small joys” a day…..smell a rose, look at a sunset , stone/ shell / snail / ladybird / leaf / listen to rain outside when we`re snug indoors / savour that first sip of morning coffee….. 3 small joys a day are over 1,000 a year…..! If we hope to live for another (say) 20 years, that would be 20,000 small joys.

    Or, if we`re really daring and devote 10 whole minutes a day to small joys, that`s over an hour a week – more than a working week every year clawed back into “joy”….!

    DANCE – in Africa, everyone takes their place briefly in the dance circle at various ceremonies ….the portly matron, the elderly hobbling patriarch, the athletic young boy, the disdainful girl (OK, stereotypes)…… as a statement of “this is who I am, today”.

    At one of many flamenco performances, the beautiful young dancers are fabulously fiery – an elderly famous dancer is introduced, but it is explained that her dancing days are over – she will only clap and sing. As the performance goes on, she cannot resist – she stands up, (with obvious stiffness and pain) but in one movement of elbow, fingers and eyebrows, commands the audience infinitely more than the dancers a third of her age…….

    We can secretly “dance” our walk down a corridor at work, “dance” our stiff shoulders in a traffic jam…. “dance” out our nervousness / anger in a brisk walk…..

    We can try out different personas in shops / situations where we are not known – being more confident / jokey / assertive / than usual…….just this once…just for now….maybe……

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