2 comments on “Apogee

  1. The most affecting and memorable moment of any novel I have read before or since, concerned the death of one of these big-bang people. At the moment of his death, a great magic is cast over the world – all the power held within his being was cast like stardust into the souls and spirits of those in his community.

    I did not know Chris well – I only had the privilege of meeting her twice, both in the last year – but in those brief meetings and through your writing Geoff, she has become an inspiration to live an artful life, to strive for what seems too big (solving the ecological crisis through heart-centred teaching) and to research different species of bear!

    I look forward to the next time our paths cross – when you are next in Sussex, please join me for a windswept walk on the downlands to stare out to wave after windy wave of crops, meadow and ocean. I’m sure Ted and Thor would be great friends.

    • Abbie. Thank you for this beautiful and touching response. I’d love to meet up and walk with you and Thor. I saw the pictures of your wedding and the made me think of Chris’s and mine in December 2013. How she would have loved those shoes! I wish you much love and happiness. Geoff

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