One comment on “Campismo

  1. Hi Geoff. Great read and laughed at your observations. I’m not of the van the man tribe. I have a T2 Crossover Bay, never been near Watford Gap in it, and, luckily, never broken down. Whilst the bus was starting everyday, it was gently rotting away all over. It was, and will be again, my daily transport. You’re right though, I avoid camper sites, and look for quieter places. Can’t beat quieter surroundings whilst cooking and having beers with family and friends. I have a few local mates with T4s. We live near the sea on the Welsh coast, am 61, so no surfer dude, and my own grown up children and grandkids have spent many days on the beach and out in the surrounding countryside. Rain and salt sea air were the reason for the rot. Now? Nearly there renovation wise. So, back on the road daily. Nice to see T4/5 dubs carrying on the lifestyle. Thanks for the read. Enjoyed it. All the best. Gray

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